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Thanks for coming to my page! I'm happy to have you interested in me and my music. Feel free to navigate among the tabs to see more details about me, how to contact me, any shows or projects I'm doing, photos and videos, and much more! Don't forget to check out buttons for each of my social media platforms at the top of the webpage. 

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Welcome to all of you!  Thanks for coming to check out my new website.  I'm glad to launch this.  I've needed a proper website for a bit, but as some people say, good things take time.  This undertaking has taken some!  Bear with me as I learn more how to construct this to serve my purposes better.  I hope to organize everything here effectively to get all of you to both be able to see what you need and get you to affiliated websites for more related content. 

2020 has been quite the year so far...a bit of a new beginning which actually began late last year when I shifted more focus on my solo endeavors.  That brought opening doors to work with some other talented area musicians and beginning some new friendships and connections on the local music scene.  January brought me performing more at some local spots, doing more work at new spots, hustling to reach out to more.  And February was chock full of some great performances and a bit of composing. 

After playing some of my usual jobs at church and The Castle Hill Resort, and some other gigs -- a couple stops at Charity's Saloon on Killington Resort; an expo in Greenfield (kind of like a farmer's market of sorts); a benefit for Australian wildfire victims; and a debut at PK's Pub in Bellows Falls -- I capped things off with a Mardi Gras performance at Du Jour in Ludlow playing among a great lineup of local professionals. 

The momentum carried up through the beginning of March with opening for a friend with a set of my originals works down at Stella Blues in New Haven, CT and running to Northern NH the next weekend for Alburrito's Mexican Restaurant and a local show at Neal's Restaurant the next night.  Then it came to a sudden halt... 

That's when I was worried and had a close call with with someone testing positive for Coronavirus.  After a week of isolating at home, I felt so relieved I exhibited no symptoms and was well.  That didn't stop me though! 

Since then, I've taken time to go ahead and work more on some other tasks I'd only begun before...cultivating and improving my online audiences via Facebook stream, rehearsing more guitar on a regular basis, composing new songs and finishing up fragmented ideas, messing with some of my recording equipment.  I've found ways to work alternatively as well with collaborations fueling inspiration and my bank account in small bits adding to some PayPal tips from streams exhibiting my own works.  In addition, the extra time has given me a chance for this: developing my own site! 

Things have begun reopening gradually at this point.  I plan to make my comeback in like fashion.  I'm going to make it strong though, having made good use of my time staying in my studio.  Thanks to all of my family and friends old and new for having been so supportive to me through these periods.  All of you help inspire what I do and I feel grateful.  Hope you'll continue sticking with me as I work towards bigger and better! 

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